What is a Flipper Zero and how to protect your mobile

What is a Flipper Zero and how to protect your mobile

If you have come this far looking for information on how protect your phone from Flipper Zero, It is because in recent months you have heard about this device more and more frequently. What is it really about, how does it affect your phone and how can you protect yourself?

We will answer all your questions so that you are aware of the risks that affect your security through your mobile device and can take the appropriate measures to protect yourself.

What is Flipper Zero?

What is Flipper Zero?

Flipper Zero is a small device that He proclaims himself as the “Tamagotchi of hackers.” Because with it you can hack security doors to enter computers.

It is a tool that has been developed for hardware fans and, although it can be used to check the security of networks, in practice it is very common to use it for unethical purposes.

In addition, to further encourage its use and make it stand out among other similar products on the market, it has a cybernetic dolphin as a mascot. His personality evolves as he The user interacts with real-world digital systems.

Among its features we can highlight:

  • Radiofrequency. It can emulate RFID and NFC cards, allowing users to clone and perform security testing on access systems.
  • Infrared. It has the capacity to control infrared devices such as televisions or air conditioners.
  • UART. Allows you to interact with devices that use serial communication (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter).
  • GPIO. General Purpose Input/Output creates connections that allow you to interact with other electronic devices.
  • Sensors It includes sensors such as accelerometer and magnetometer that are useful for carrying out different actions.
  • USB interface. It can be used for connection and communication with other devices.
  • Security and hacking. Although it is supposedly born oriented towards ethical hacking activities, because it is ideal for penetration testing and learning in computer security, in practice many hackers use it for purposes that are not at all ethical.

At the specifications level, this is a device equipped with a 1,4-inch LCD screen with a 433 Mhz antenna with a range of up to 100 meters. Its 2.000 mAh battery gives it an autonomy of 30 hours before having to be charged again. It is operated through a five-button directional panel and its price is $69 on its official sales page.

What can you do with a Flipper Zero?

What can you do with a Flipper Zero?

So you can see how important it is to protect your Flipper Zero phone, First you have to know what it can do.

RFID reader

You can clone RFID, save and play them. This allows you to perform actions including opening an electronic lock until you see the data on a product label.

NFC card cloning

Flipper Zero can emulate NFC cards, which can be used to access restricted areas of mobile phones or carry out social engineering attacks.

UART command injection

If a mobile has accessible UART interfaces, You can use Flipper Zero to inject commands through that interface. This allows unauthorized commands to be executed or the operation of the device to be modified.

Attacks on Bluetooth devices

The device may intercept or modify data transmitted through this type of connection, or force known vulnerabilities in Bluetooth protocols.

Flipper Zero can attack Android and iPhone phones

No one is safe from hackers' new favorite tool. As this device has become popular, firmware and third-party apps have appeared that facilitate the attack on mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems.

In most cases, the attack consists of getting all kinds of pop-ups to open on the device. Sometimes this is done with the simple intention of annoying, but behind this attack something more serious can be hidden. Because Pop-up windows can be a distraction maneuver to take advantage of and try to penetrate the mobile of those affected and obtain their personal information.

The problem is that it is a relatively easy tool to control. Even those who do not have much knowledge about hacking can get up to speed on how to use this device by watching videos on the Internet. It is possible that someone who is not an expert will not cause great damage, but it can wreak havoc on nearby mobile phone users.

How to protect your phone from Flipper Zero

How to protect your phone from Flipper Zero

Maintain security on your mobile with apps and preventative practices is always a good idea. If what you want is to avoid being a victim of an attack with Flipper Zero, what you have to do is deactivate Bluetooth.

The problem is that disconnecting it can be extremely difficult when you are having an attack. Therefore, what some experts recommend is to get into the habit of deactivating it occasionally, especially when you are in an area with many people.

The good thing is that the attack with Flipper Zero is limited to the range of its antenna. If you have an attack, try turning off Bluetooth and, even if you can't, move away from the area. Once you leave the range of action of the device, everything should return to normal.

In any case, if you have suffered an attack of this type, be sure to run the antivirus on your device to check that everything is in order. If you see something strange, take the measures you deem necessary.

As much as possible, if you don't need to have Bluetooth connected constantly, don't do it. This way you will save yourself the risk of suffering an attack of this type.

When it comes to protecting your phone from Flipper Zero, There is little else we can do besides turn off the Bluetooth and move away from the attack area. For this reason, there are more and more voices demanding the need to continue advancing in the security of radio frequency-enabled devices, which until recently enjoyed good passive security because no one had taken the trouble to exploit their weaknesses.