What can you do if Google Maps doesn't work well for you?

What can you do if Google Maps doesn't work well for you?

Everything turns into problems when Google Maps not working, because we trust this application 100% when it comes to reaching places we don't know. However, it is not completely foolproof, and can cause some errors.

So that you don't panic if it happens to you, let's see what the most common errors are and what we can do to solve them.

It seems you are offline

When there are errors, the app itself usually provides information about what is happening. The thing is that the information is not always as descriptive as it should be. Luckily, there are messages that make it very clear to us what is happening, as is the case with “It looks like you're offline.”

If you open Google Maps and it doesn't start, or it's working and suddenly stops working, you may see this message. What happens is that, for one reason or another, your mobile phone has been left without an Internet connection. This is a serious problem, because you will not be able to follow the route that takes you to the door of your destination.

The simplest solution is to try to reconnect, and to do this you have several options:

  • Check airplane mode, you may have it on and not realize it.
  • Check your mobile data to see if you have it turned on.
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network if possible.
  • Power cycle data to see if this forces the connection.
  • Turn airplane mode off and on to try a new mobile data connection.

If you are organizing a trip or have to get to a place you don't know, it doesn't hurt to take precautions. One or two days before, search for the route on Google Maps and download the map so you can view it offline. This way you ensure that you will reach your destination even if there is no internet connection.

Calibrate the compass if Google Maps is not working

Calibrate the compass if Google Maps is not working

Some of the errors that occur in the app are related to the compass that allows us to orient ourselves within a plane. If you've noticed that the app sends you east when you want to go west (for example), The time has come to recalibrate the compass. Don't worry, it's not complicated at all.

Start by opening the Maps app and then tap on the blue dot that shows your current location. At the bottom left of the screen you will see the option to recalibrate the compass. Follow the instructions on the screen, which will explain how you have to move your hand to do it. You have to draw a kind of eight or infinity symbol.

If you have a mobile phone with Android operating system, there are two other ways to optimize the accuracy of your location. To use the first one, go to your mobile settings and go to “Location” or “Security and location”. From there activate WiFi and Bluetooth scanning. The other alternative is to go to your mobile settings and from there to “Location”, to activate the “Google location accuracy” box.

Your favorite places do not appear

To speed up our trips, Google Maps allows us to have a list of our favorite destinations. This saves us from having to write them down every time we want to go.

If you open the app and it turns out that the information on your lists does not appear, Most likely, you are not signed in to your Google account or you are using incognito browsing mode. To fix this, return to normal browsing mode and make sure you are logged into your account.

This should fix the problem quickly. Now, when entering the lists, you would have to see information about your favorite destinations, to visit, etc.

Clear cache and data if Google Maps is not working

Clear cache and data if Google Maps is not working

If you have noticed that this application is not working well for you, it is possible that too much information has accumulated and it is time to “clean” the device.

Access the settings of your Android mobile and from there go to “Applications”, search for Google Maps and follow the route: “Storage” > “Clear cache” > “Clear data”. On iPhone, open the app directly and click on your profile icon. From there follow the path: “Settings” > “Information, terms and privacy” > “Delete application data” > “Accept”.

This resets the application and, in most cases, gets it working normally again.

Update the app

If Google Maps does not work well after clearing the cache and data, it is possible that you are using a version of the app that is outdated, because it has bugs or the maps are not properly updated.

To actualize, All you have to do is go to the app store and search for Google Maps. If there is an update that you do not have installed, you will be shown the option to update. Do this, and the problems should be resolved.

If you want to make sure you always have this app up to date, turn on background refreshing:

  • Android. Follow the path Settings > Applications > Google Maps > Mobile data and WiFi > Background refresh.
  • iPhone. Follow the path Settings > General > Background Update > search for Google Maps and activate > in the top bar choose the WiFi and mobile data option.

If it turns out that this doesn't work either, you still have one last option. Completely uninstall Google Maps and reinstall it again.

Report errors on the map

Report errors on the map

If you have detected that the problem is that the information on a map is not correct, it is best to report the error directly to Google. In the app itself you will see the option to "Report a problem".

It will not solve the fault immediately, but Google will review the information you provided and correct the error within a few days.

When Google Maps does not work it is usually due to small errors that we can solve as easily as the ones we have just seen. If everything we have seen does not work for you, try restarting your smartphone. In most cases, this solves all kinds of problems with the apps.