What is it and how to play Gartic Phone?

how to play gartic phone

A game with which the whole family or friends can enjoy pleasant moments and where their brains will be put to the test. In this new Android Help entry we will be reviewing what it is and how to play Gartic Phone; Although it is a family of games, we reviewed its version in the best style of Pictionary: Gartic.io. And it is that the classics now take more life in the digital world.

In recent years we have seen how technology has made online games more important than other variants. And Gartic's games have become famous not only thanks to streamers, but also because of the ease and availability they have to be played online or from your Android mobile, by downloading their app.

Due to its impact and popularity, we are going to write about Gartic.io, where for sure if you do not have creativity, this entertaining game will awaken it; and if you are, you should try not to be guessed quickly by your other contenders. So under these lines we will see what it is about and how to play Gartic Phone.

What is Gartic Phone?

gartic.io represents an entertaining and online version of the classic board game Pictionary. Its purpose is in online game through virtual rooms where the players meet and, in turns, each member of the room must draw a word assigned by the game.

gartic.io presentation

Each player is randomly selected to represent what the game indicates. What can you draw? What the game assigns you, from a fruit to an entire monument, even human feelings or emotions. The other members must guess what they see being drawn and write it in the respective text box for the answers.

All this is done at a certain time, in which players can write as many words as they see fit until they find the correct answer. The fun of this game lies in the simplicity and agility that it allows to develop.

Who is Gartic?

Gartic is the company in charge of developing two very fun games and that help you develop your mental agility. As such it is called Onrizon Social Games, and its headquarters are in Brazil.

Gartic company

Gartic Its fundamental mission is to offer fun based on skill, since its games are based only on the interpretation of drawings. They can be played in an entirely family environment or with friends. In total, Gartic's offer is 4 games (to date) but the two most relevant are gartic.io and Gartic Phone.

Where can I play it?

Although Gartic's games are based on the interpretation of drawings, each one has its own particularity and purpose. All of your Gartic games can be played on both a computer and a mobile device.

How to play Gartic Phone?

Play Gartic.io it is something very simple. The platform created for the game is very enjoyable, simple and from where you play it you will have an excellent experience. Learning to play it will not take you long and to do so here we give you the most interesting steps.

play from desktop

how to play gartic phone

As you know, you can play this game from your browser, simply by typing Gartic.io in it. You will enter a website where you will have two sides of the main screen:

  • Fwd left side You will have the possibility to configure your username, as well as the language in which you want to play. Once you configure these aspects, you can hit the "play" button.
  • In addition, on the left side you have the option of "tables", which is nothing more than the different games and the theme of each one of them. You can choose between themes like Pokemon, Clash Royale and more.
  • Now, in the right side You will be able to create new table themes, check your favorite tables or have a conversation with various players through chat.
  • Likewise, you can log in to various social networks and enter the Gartic.io communities: Discord, Facebook, Twitter, VK, Reddit, among others.

Once you click the "Play" button, before entering the table, you will have the rules of the table, in which the theme appears, the goal of points to be reached to win and the language. An important aspect is that neither numbers nor symbols can be drawn.

Gartic table rules

Play from mobile device

If you don't have time to be in front of a computer, don't worry, because Gartic.io can be carried on your mobile device, enjoying all its advantages. The first thing you need to do is download it from the Play Store completely free.

Gartic.io - Draw, Guess, WIN
Gartic.io - Draw, Guess, WIN
Developer: Gartic
Price: Free

As in the computer application, you will have to enter your username and configure the language in which you want to play. Once these aspects are configured, simply press the “play” button.

gartic on mobile

Game mechanics

La mechanics on how to play gartic phone is simple, because you only have to guess the drawing that another of the participants is doing on the blackboard. While the person is drawing, you must write what you can think of as the drawingtrying to guess the meaning. All this is done in a certain time in a bar.

Window has two chats, one where the answers are placed and only the wrong answers of the others are displayed. The other chat is for normal conversation without saturating the chat with answers. When the players hit (or almost hit) what you will see is a message that says "player x hit" or is about to

how to play gartic phone

Once the time is up, the game reveals the correct answer. and points are awarded to all who guessed correctly. The name of the next person who will draw is indicated in the list of players at the table. And you will also have the opportunity to draw and have others guess. Who wins the table? The one who has the most points at the end of all the words.

Digitization is making it easier for classic games like Gartic Phone to get back to their old glory. And they don't need to have complex dynamics to be fun. In addition, it helps you awaken your intellect and mental agility. So, it's time for you to try Gartic.io. Guess all, win them all!

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