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Sudoku is one of the most challenging and liked puzzle games of recent times. Created since the late 70's, but gaining worldwide fame in 2005, it's hard to find a good newspaper or magazine that doesn't have its respective section with one or two sudoku puzzles. Today we have brought some applications that allow you to play sudoku offline. With this list, we hope to satisfy math lovers, and anyone who enjoys a good puzzle.

Sudoku arose (as we have already said) at the end of the 70s, in Japan; the next decade would gain recognition in that country. It would take 2 decades for it to become known throughout the world. Today, with the Internet being a basic medium in so many societies around the world, games like sudoku can reach more people. And they do, the classic puzzles that used to be played in magazines, now you can do them by the thousands on any website. And something like this we want to offer you today.

But let's not lengthen this more than necessary, let's see the best applications that allow us to play sudoku offline.

Sudoku – Puzzle Games

sudoku puzzle game play offline

From the creators Guru Puzzle Game, this game is available on the play store totally free, although with some in-app purchases for the one you want. The app has a modest weight of 36 MB. Has been rated almost 150 thousand times, averaging 4.7 stars rating, we can say that it keeps its users happy.

The first thing the app does when you open it for the first time is explain the Sudoku rules and show you how to use the tools that the game gives you. It has a list of challenges that will be unlocked as you play and complete them.

It has 4 sections: Main, Daily Challenge, Explore and Stats. I tell you everything you can find in each one.

  1. Principal: Here you can start a new game, with the specifications you want.
    • You can select between four difficulties; and between game casual or special. If you exit the game, it will remain saved and you can continue it whenever you want, or restart it.
  2. daily challenge: Every day there is a challenge for all the people who use the app. The idea of ​​this common challenge is that people share tips and ask each other for help, constituting a social factor. Surely you can find an answer to these daily challenges on the internet, it is a good way to share this passion with others.
  3. Explore: Discover the other alternate game modes of Sudoku.
    • cross math
    • Killer Sudoku
    • math pairing
    • Square Math
  4. Statistics: Here you can see all your history with the results in all types of games. Times, streaks and whatever you want, you can register to have your data saved.

And most important of all, this Sudoku can be play totally offline.

Sudoku Puzzle Games
Sudoku Puzzle Games
Developer: Guru Puzzle Game
Price: Free

Sudoku & Variants by Logic Wiz

sudoku & variants

This Sudoku game is the favorite of Sudoku lovers. With more than 6 thousand reviews (from +100 thousand downloads) and with a rating of 4.8 stars, is presented as a reliable alternative.

In the visual section, Sudoku & Variants wins all the points, with a clean and aesthetic appearance. It even has a dark mode. Something important is, as its name says, that the app It is full of very entertaining variants of Sudoku.

But when we talk about the specialty of the house, the Sudokus, we can see that these are some of the best found on the net. Just take a look at the reviews to see that in this app the difficult Sudoku puzzles are able to trap you for hours.

The game offers several functionalities, such as 5 difficulties to choose from (from beginner to expert). Also the option of tracks is appreciated and is usually very useful, besides that we can add notes in the pictures.

In short, Logic Wiz are really hitting it off with this game, in fact, updates are added every so often. If you try it and find you like it, you might consider access its extra content by paying the Premium version.

Logic Wiz has other similar games that are doing pretty well too, if you're interested you can check them out on the Play Store.

Sudoku – Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku puzzles play offline

an immense amount of new challenges for each day and challenges to meet is what you will find in this app. Created by Kidult Lovin, this application has been Downloaded over 50 million times, with nearly 2 million reviews, averaging 4.6 stars. Looking at these data, we can see that we are facing a true giant in the sector.

Here you will find practically the same as in the other games.

  • different game modes so you never get bored.
  • Various levels of difficultyso that you can improve.
  • Lots of Sudoku puzzles different to do.
  • daily challenge which maintains the history of completed previous Challenges.
  • Useful in-game features like Notes and Tracks.

What is certain is that, despite being a game with so many downloads, it has some points against it. For example, aesthetically it's not as polished as previous games, and the ads are too long. Of course, the latter can be resolved by paying for the Premium version.

But nothing, if you want to access an app with many positive ratings, you have found what you were looking for.

Sudoku - Sudoku Puzzles
Sudoku - Sudoku Puzzles
Developer: Oakever Games
Price: Free

Sudoku – Daily Puzzles

sudoku puzzles daily play offline

With 40 thousand ratings, the average 4.9 stars make this app the best rated on the list. Then in operation, we find a very clean and aesthetic look, but otherwise, an app very similar to the others.

Something that you could miss with this app are the varied game modes, since here we only find sudokus. But yes, if what you come looking for is sudokus, you will find them in large quantities. In addition, it is very good to learn, with its various difficulties, hints and tutorials.

And lastly, of course, Sudoku – Daily Puzzles can be played offline.

Sudoku: Daily Puzzles
Sudoku: Daily Puzzles
Developer: GamoVation
Price: Free

And this has been all, I hope I have been helpful. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or Do you know any other Sudoku game? What should I mention?

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