You will be able to use Snapchat filters outside of your application

use Snapchat filters without appSnapchat is going through a moment of uncertainty after being overtaken by Facebook and Instagram in their desire to copy all the functions. To combat this, the company will open its application and offer its filters to encourage development.

use Snapchat filters without app

Snapchat: redefining the future of social media and falling behind everyone

The history of Snapchat, one of the most recent social networks, is at least peculiar. His outreach to younger people through a network focused on disappearing images and videos has redefined the immediate future of social media. Facebook saw success and, after not being able to get hold of it, decided to reconvert Instagram to copy all the possible functions of the application from Snap.

As a result, and despite being the pioneer, Snapchat is slowly sinking. Instagram remains at the top as the most used application, with its ephemeral Stories being the most used format. After a couple of redesigns of its application, Snapchat has decided that it is time to open up to other developments, adding functions from other social networks and improving its business model using its main value: filters.

How to go back to the old Snapchat layout

This is how Snapchat wants to resurrect: third-party access to Bitmoji's filters, login system and avatars

One of the main problems to date for Snap It has been that its application has been a closed garden. Its filters could not be accessed and everything was locked into its application. If you wanted to use Snapchat, there was only one option. But now that must change if the company wants to survive, so they are going to open up their resources to be more competitive. The platform that will allow all this will be called SnapKit.

What does this mean? One of the main consequences will be that third-party applications will be able to access the augmented reality functions of the Snapchat camera. In other words: you can use Snapchat filters outside of your application. What is really going to happen is that your camera can be implemented in other applications. In this way, any app that intends to use filters can resort to Snapkit to implement them easily. In turn, this will also allow you to use the avatars of Bitmoji on other platforms.

We can also import effects from other programs such as Photoshop camera, the Adobe filter app. Another great consequence is that it will be log into other services using Snapchat. In the same way that you can see a button to log in with Facebook or Twitter on many sites, Snapchat will open to the social login. In this way, your brand will gain presence and your user account will have more uses for the most fans of the application.

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