The differences between Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

The differences between Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

It has already become a habit, every time a new pokemon game, it does so in two different versions. This time, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple have some differences but still provide a complementary experience. The universe of Game Freak and Nintendo's pocket monsters keeps growing, and we'll tell you in detail what distinguishes both versions of Switch.

The introduction of pokemon ninth generation It also brings novelties in the playable and aesthetic. The new world to explore, the peculiarities of the maps and the battles between your favorite monsters continue to be the center of the proposal. But if you want to know the differences of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, keep reading the sections of this article.

Differences between Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, the exclusive monsters

First of all, and how it always happens in the pokemon franchise, each title has some exclusive creatures. If you want to fully complete the PokeDex you have to connect with your friends and trade creatures, unless you have both titles. In which case you can make the transfer autonomously. To know the exclusive pokemons of each title, here are the names.

Exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet

  • Larvitate
  • pupitate
  • Tyranitar.
  • stonjourner.
  • Oranguru.
  • Drifloon.
  • Drifblim.
  • Stunky.
  • Skuntank.
  • Skrelp.
  • Dragalge.
  • God
  • Zweilous.
  • Hydreigon.
  • Armarouge.
  • Tauros Form of Paldea.
  • Longfang.
  • little tail
  • Mushroom.
  • Reptalada.
  • Pelarena.
  • Moonbraam.
  • Koraidon.
  • Ripplewater.

The exclusive pokemons of Pokémon Purple

  • Wagon.
  • Shelgon.
  • salamence.
  • Eiscue.
  • Passimian.
  • misdreavus.
  • mismagius.
  • Gullin.
  • Swalot.
  • Clauncher.
  • Clawitzer.
  • Dreepy.
  • Drakloak.
  • Dragapult.
  • Cerulledge.
  • Ferrodada.
  • Tauros Form of Paldea.
  • Ferrosac.
  • Ferropalms.
  • Ferroneck.
  • iron moth
  • iron barbs
  • ironpaladin.
  • Miraidon.
  • Ferverdor.

the legendary pokemon

Another aspect that is part of the differences in pokemon scarlet and pokemon purple and that is respected in other installments is the legendary creature on the cover. While on the cover of Scarlet we find the mythical creature Koraidon, on Purple the legendary pokemon is Miraidon. Their names allude to the future and the past, but there is not much more information.

Miraidon forms its name from two concepts: Mirai (future in Japanese) and Ride (to ride in English). In addition, the ending gift that alludes to dinosaurs. In the case of Koraidon, the structure is similar: Korai (old in Japanese), Ride (to ride in English) and gift.

These are two legendary creatures that function as mounts and are related to different moments in the history of the world. The change in design does not affect the gameplay, but it is an interesting fact. While Koraidon has a chest-shaped symbol and spins around, Miraidon is futuristic and uses thrusters. Beyond this detail, there are no changes to the playable level.

Grape and Orange Academies

In the new installments of the franchise, a large part of our days will be spent at the Academy. In Pokémon Scarlet the institution is called the Orange Academy. The Uva Academy is the one from Pokémon Purple, but both are located in the same city: Meseta. They are the local representation of the Paldea Academy and it is where we will learn about the world. Also about pokémons as well as mysteries, rumors and all kinds of secondary adventures from interacting with students and teachers.

Each academy is represented by a shield with the corresponding fruit, and also this detail affects the color of the uniform. But as a shared feature, both are directed by the same character: Professor Clavel.

The professors and the differences of Pokémon Purple and Scarlet

Continuing with the differences of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, we cannot fail to mention the pokemon specialist. Instead of having a Professor Oak as in the previous installments, each version of the game has a teacher specialized in pokemons. For example, in Pokémon Purple it is called Turo and it has a futuristic design, in shades of purple and violet. In Escarlata there is Professor Albora, with a clothing design that refers to times past, and is in accordance with the general proposal of contrast between past and future that both versions have.

The mystery of the purple and scarlet books

In both games we find side missions that will allow you to complete a mysterious book. The color of the cover and the existence of an exclusive pokémon will depend on the game. These books are part of the story of the Legendary Path, and contain clues and references to finding a particular wild beast.

In the purple bookComprised of journals from an expedition's past, there are sketches and photographs of a mysterious Pokémon known as Ferrodada. As we progress through the game we can complete this path and maybe catch him.

In the case of scarlet book, the contents are similar, but describe another mystery pokémon that has been named Miraclefang. Pokémon trainers who want to reach the farthest reaches of the world explore and complete these books to discover the truth about these creatures. Are you up for the challenge?

How to choose between one version or another?

The question that a Pokémon fan always asks before the launch of a new installment is which one do i buy first? In the end, many will end up buying both games or trading with a friend. But the first experience of interaction with the world is difficult to choose. In the case of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple this happens again. Whether you prefer the design of a particular creature, or because the theme of a professor and futuristic mount are more fun, you can go for Pokémon Purple. On the contrary, you will find the past and some specific features in Scarlet. Then, the style of play and the proposals are quite similar.

However Do not hesitate to consult and try alternatives before immersing yourself in the world of Pokémon. A new installment implies more adventures and the opportunity to capture new pokemons. Nintendo continues to explore a universe that does not stop expanding, and thus create new legends, secrets and mysteries to solve. Ideal for fans of RPG adventures, turn-based battles and monster training. On Nintendo Switch, either version invites you to explore and have fun in a big way.

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