Has your mobile been stolen? So you can report it

Our smartphone goes everywhere with us, so it carries important information and of course it has its own value. By always going with us, it is obviously quite an exposed object. What do I do if my mobile has been stolen? Even if that has happened, all is not lost because we have tools for pursuit on the device to know its location. But above all, what we must do is report the theft of the mobile.

In the case of a smartphone Android, we have the function 'Find my device', which will tell us the last location where the terminal has been detected. It is an important piece of information, although not the most important, that we can provide to the competent authorities when placing a theft report. The data that is crucial, beyond the precise information that we can give about the theft of the terminal, is the IMEI number. This five-digit code uniquely and internationally identifies our smartphone. And it will serve to know that, indeed, the device is ours and is not an equal unit, but of another owner.

What do you need to file a complaint for mobile theft?

El IMEiAs we mentioned before, it is the key piece of information that will help the competent authorities to carry out the procedure for recovering the smartphone. But this data, although important, is of little value if we do not have a invoice or ticket shopping. In this documentation the corresponding reflected IMEI number will appear, and it will be our way of showing that the device belongs to us. In addition, the IMEI will also serve us to make a remote lock of the team, once we have contacted the operator to cancel the operation of the SIM card, and to do the formalities of the insurance, in case we had hired it.

How to file a mobile theft report in Spain

You can do it before the National Police at the police station, by phone by calling 902102112 Going to the police station within 48 hours to ratify the complaint, or through the Internet at the Virtual Complaints Office. In the latter case, you will have 72 hours to go to the police station and ratify the complaint. We can also do it in the Servicio Marítimo Guardia Civil, going to make a complaint in person, or electronically with the corresponding online form. If you use the online form, then you will have to ratify the complaint in person within a period of no more than 72 hours.

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