Safe and dangerous chargers for your Android

row of chargersMost smartphones we can buy today incorporate completely safe chargers But, considering the globalized world in which we live, where at the click of a button we can buy something from the other side of the globe, what considerations should we take into account to differentiate between safe and dangerous chargers? This little guide will help you if you are going to buy an unofficial charger for your Android.

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You do not have the required certificates in our country

Any electronic device must have the certifications required by the legislation of our country. Although sometimes there are manufacturers that import bypassing these regulations, as users we can take this indicator into account to become aware of a potential danger.

It is important not to expose our phones to irregular chargers, as they do not pass adequate quality controls and are the main reason for direct damage to a terminal; always reject devices of this type, regardless of whether they come from legitimate stores, since sometimes it is impossible to control in such detail everything that is sold and products of this type sneak in.

Terminal overheats during charging

A clear symptom that the charger has a deficiency will be obvious if when connecting it to the network to charge, we noticed that it reaches unusual temperatures. Although this fact does not pose a risk in itself, it can be a clear indicator that the amperage is not adequate, damaging the components of the device by subjecting them to excessive temperatures.

If you perceive that the terminal gets very hot at a certain pointConsider the option of disconnecting it from the power after charging and getting another official charger. You will not regret.

Charger runs slower than normal

If you perceive that the loading times of your terminal are longer than usual, it is possible that the amount of energy that your charger directs to the smartphone is somewhat short. Although it may seem like a minor problem, the reality is that this represents a totally inadequate charge that will damage the life of the battery significantly, so you should not continue using the charger. To know if there is a problem or not, there is apps like Ampere to know the status of the charger.

To avoid problems always choose safe chargers

It is true that official chargers can be a bit more expensive, but it is not worth playing with the useful life of the terminal to save a little money. Using poor quality chargers can pose not only a risk to your phone, but also for your physical integrity, so you should always bet on products certified with all of the law.

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