SOUNDPEATS WATCH 2, review, features and price

We return for Android Help with the review of a smartwatch, from a firm from which we have already been able to test a product. On this occasion we tell you everything about our user experience for a few days with the new SOUNDPEATS WATCH 2.

Are you one of those who has not yet decided to use a smart watch? If no model has convinced you yet, today we bring you a most discreet option From the market. A very functional device, accessible for your wallet, and with a design that will go unnoticed in your daily outfit.

WATCH 2 by SOUND PEATS, the smartwatch you are looking for

In today's market it is sometimes difficult to say for one or another model due to a huge and sometimes unfathomable offer. There are so many manufacturers and so many models that it is completely impossible to have information on all of them in order to compare them. Therefore, to facilitate this task, today we bring you an interesting option to consider.

The SOUNDPEATS WATCH 2 is an ideal device for several reasons. In addition to offering all the functionalities that we can expect from a current smartwatch, it is also affordable. And it also has a simple design and without fanfare, convinced? do with him now SOUNDPEATS WATCH2 on Amazon with free shipping.

When we are about to invest in a gadget, it is essential to be clear about our budget, especially to rule out models that do not fit into it. In the case of smartwatches, the design also takes on a higher importance since being a wearable, it will be part of our style.


Is moment of opening the SOUND PEATS WATCH 2 box and see everything we find inside. As we always do when we are lucky enough to test any device, the ritual of unboxing is fundamental. In the first instance we find the clock itself, which arrives with the strap already attached and a protection sticker for the screen.

We also find the charging cable, that says with a format of magnetized pins that are easily adjusted to the watch by simply approaching it to the back. Otherwise, we have the classic user guide and synchronization, and some warranty document of product. We only have one bracelet, but surely we can find several compatible ones because it has a "standard" size. 

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It's time to take a closer look at the Sound Peats Watch 2. As we have been saying, the design of this smartwatch does not stand out for its striking. We are facing a design classic cut that will go unnoticed and that will fit perfectly with any style. An ideal model for those who want a functional but discreet watch.

We found a round sphere format, which is neither better nor worse than a square one. While is true that the functionality of a round screen has improved a lot compared to the first models. After a correct adaptation of the software, today it is entirely a matter of taste.

In Right side find the single physical button, in the shape of a crown. But even if it turns we will not be able to interact with the spin inside the clock menu. The button will only serve to activate the screen or to go back in the menu. A pity that having the possibility, the software for it has not been increased.

Here at the lower part of the clock we find the sensor for heart rate measurement. To say that it works correctly, and that compared to other sensors of other more expensive watches, it offers identical measurement. We also found magnetized pins for charging where the other magnetized part of the cable fits perfectly and in a super simple way.

The belt that Soundpeats WATCH 2 has, we can say that it is  a belt "regular" silicone. Count with one standard width and it comes in matte black, but it is thicker than other devices we have tested, so it has more consistency and a better appearance. Thanks to the tab closure, we can easily find compatible straps in any store.

SoundPeats WATCH 2 Data Sheet 

Model WATCH2
Screen 1.28 "
Decision X
Water / dust resistance IP68
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Battery 220 mAh
Loading time 3.5 hours
Autonomy up to 7 days of use
RAM 128 MB
Weight/size 38 grams
Price range €59.99

Well-crafted native app

One the things that make the difference of a technological device is undoubtedly the user experience. Beyond the quality of materials, design or battery life, for example, ease of use is essential. For this reason, when a smartwatch needs an external App, its functionalities can be limited.

SOUNDPEATS has invested, and well, in a proprietary App that enhances the functionality of your wearables. With a really simple use, as well as efficient, we will be able to access all the data of our clock, as well as the necessary configurations for complete customization.

So that you can squeeze the full potential of the Watch 2, we leave you the download links of its App.

Developer: soundpeats
Price: Free

Pros and Cons of the SOUNDPEATS Watch 2

It's time to talk about what we liked, and the aspects that we consider could be improved, always bearing in mind that we are dealing with an entry-level device and that we can acquire it for much less than what the most recognized ones on the market cost.


El weight is really light, you do not remember that you are wearing it, something ideal if you want it as a sports partner.

La application It greatly improves the user experience.


  • Weight/size
  • App


The cons, in this type of device are usually the absences.

No has GPS.

No you have NFC.

La app translation It leaves a lot to be desired, something that we hope can be corrected with future updates.


  • GPS
  • NFC
  • Traducción

Editor's opinion

  • Editor's rating
  • 3.5 star rating
  • 60%

  • Design
    Publisher: 70%
  • Screen
    Publisher: 70%
  • Performance
    Publisher: 75%
  • Autonomy
    Publisher: 60%
  • Portability (size / weight)
    Publisher: 80%
  • Price quality
    Publisher: 70%

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