The Delulu philosophy goes viral on TikTok

the delulu philosophy goes viral on tiktok

If you are a regular user of fashion social networks, you have surely already noticed that in recent months there is a philosophy of life that is becoming especially popular. Yes, the Delulu philosophy goes viral on TikTok And, precisely for this reason, we are going to analyze in detail what it is about.

This way of life is especially successful among members of what is known as generation Z. But, as in any philosophy of this style, it also has some drawbacks that are important to know.

What is the Delulu philosophy?

Where does the Delulu philosophy come from?

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about the lack of enthusiasm among the younger generations. And we are in a historical moment of great changes at all levels, in which it seems clear that the new generations They are going to have it a little more complicated than the previous ones to access housing, find quality employment, etc.

With this panorama, it is not strange that the youngest They feel discouraged by what lies ahead.

It is in this scenario that the Delulu philosophy arises, a term that derives from the English “delusional”, which means delusional. It is, in fact, a new version of what we have always known as positive thinking, but taken one step further.

This is conscious self-deception. A way of thinking in which people trust that highly improbable or directly impossible things will happen to them. But without losing sight of reality.

How do they explain some TikTok users, it's about thinking that everything is possible. For example, thinking that that person you like and does not write to you does not do so because she is shy, but in reality she is absolutely in love with you.

The Delulu philosophy goes viral on TikTok

The Delulu philosophy goes viral on TikTok 2024

The philosophy of positive thinking is nothing new, it has been applied for decades and has almost as many fans as detractors worldwide. Delulu is a slightly “crazier” evolution of it, and it is triumphing on TikTok because it was precisely on that social network where it was mentioned for the first time.

Gabriela Sarmiento, a 28-year-old Venezuelan, She was the first to make reference to Delulu on TikTok.

She herself defines this way of thinking how to understand life from a different point of view. Focus on things that, although impossible, make you happy just by imagining them.

Philosophy and coaching specialists highlight that the key to this thinking is having confidence in oneself. Because this self-confidence secretes dopamine, oxytocin and other substances that help the brain and the entire body function better.

In fact, there are studies that link positive thinking with the improvement and even cure of certain diseases. However, always It is emphasized that this positive thought should not be confusedn so exaggerated with a total disconnection from reality. We can fantasize that we are millionaires and how our lives would improve if we didn't have to work, but we can't believe that just by thinking about it we will achieve it.

The Delulu philosophy goes viral on TikTok and is already spreading throughout the world. Millions of people watch and share videos about this lifestyle every day.

The phenomenon has had such an impact that even Fortune magazine has dedicated an article to it. In the workplace, this thinking would be just the opposite of imposter syndrome. Because who applies the Delulu philosophy feels capable of obtaining positions that exceed their qualifications, which does not mean that he will achieve it, but perhaps he will find the courage to ask for a promotion and thus demonstrate a value that his employers had not detected.

The “dark” side of the Delulu philosophy

Having positive thinking is more beneficial than falling into pessimism, but specialists warn against going to extremes or losing contact with reality.

Fantasize about hypothetical situations that it is difficult for them to become reality, it is a defense mechanism that the brain uses to escape us a little from a reality that may not be entirely positive for us at that moment.

But there is a risk of ending up focusing on that fantasy world instead of what is really happening.

According to experts, Getting too deep into the Delulu philosophy can lead to frustration and disillusionment. If we constantly believe that we can achieve goals that, in reality, are not within our reach, in the end what arises is a feeling of discomfort. Which leads to feelings of guilt and a possible loss of self-confidence.

Although this risk exists, experts are not entirely against this way of seeing life. They understand that, if a person cannot control his reality, he tries to control his thinking and his emotions through a distorted view of the world in which he lives. But they highlight the importance of always being clear that this is only a mere illusion.

Interesting content on TikTok

Delulu's content on Tiktok

Since its appearance, the social network of Chinese origin has become a mass phenomenon. Viral dances, humorous videos... on TikTok we can find practically everything, including the gurus of Delulu thought.

But it can also be a good source of information and access to culture. Far from demonizing social networks, experts recommend making moderate use of them and using them toto consume content that can truly enrich people's lives.

The Delulu philosophy goes viral on TikTok, but it surely won't take long to see and talk about another trend. Although it is convenient to be aware of these types of trends, there is nothing like applying critical thinking to everything we see online, in order to form our own philosophy of life. That which fits with our reality, with our possibilities, and helps us feel and be better.