Truecaller, find out who is calling you and avoid Spam calls

A few days ago they called me from a number that corresponded to some opinion agency that I did not understand well. They told me it would be just a couple of questions, which ended up becoming a long questionnaire that I had to cut in half. The truth is that if I had seen who was calling me, it is possible that I would not have picked it up from the beginning. And the same goes for so-called advertising spam. Truecaller is an application that searches for information about the calling number, and warns us about it.

Nowadays, if they call us to do telephone advertising or offer us a product or service, it is easy to take that number, enter it in Google, and find out what they do. However, this can only be done after picking up, answering the call, and hanging up again, since there is no time to consult it before picking up, and we cannot ignore a call that could be important. However, the thing changes if instead of us doing the research work, an application does it automatically and checking the number in a predefined database.

Truecaller is dedicated to precisely that, to find as much data as possible about the number that is calling us. In the example at the beginning, it would have been very useful to know that it was not an urgent call and that I could do without answering it. I am totally sure that the vast majority of you will find the application very interesting.

The only downside that can be put to Truecaller is that, of course, you need to be connected to the Internet to compare the number with the database. Therefore, it is necessary that we are connected to a WiFi network, or we have active 3G.

Truecaller is a free application that is available in Google Play. In addition, it has been one of the most downloaded in many countries in the world. And it is not strange, since it also has some very interesting additions, such as the possibility of blocking calls from those unwanted numbers.