WhatsApp could launch the videos on the profile

whatsapp interfaceSince Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the famous messaging application has not stopped improving and updating the services it offers to its user community, betting on those aspects in which they know they can beat their main competitors. That seems to be the reason that has prompted the company to carry out tests for users to use WhatsApp videos: instead of a profile image, a video, in the style of other applications on the market.

whatsapp with phone

Designed for people who want to show more than a photo

The idea, without being the most innovative in the territory of applications, does represent an important step forward on the part of WhatsApp, given that behind this they could aspire to move in the direction of Instagram Stories, which has not stopped growing and that threatens to end its main competitor, Snapchat. This is a strange maneuver, as long as Facebook also owns Instagram and it could run the risk of cannibalizing its own market, which it already dominates.

Everything indicates that WhatsApp pursues an aspect similar to that of a social network, where users may be interested in spending more time taking a look at all the multimedia section offered by their contacts. Videos would be created in a simple way, directly taking advantage of what we record with our terminal, something to which other functionalities could be added that improve the aesthetic finish of the resulting production.

WhatsApp video will not be mandatory, but it will have its tree

Clearly no one is going to force users to use WhatsApp video, but the truth is that adding functionalities is still a smart move to promote the use of a time-honored messaging application. And, let's face it, while it is not necessary to put our video-making skills to the test, it is likely that out of sheer curiosity we will end up taking a look at the profiles of other contacts. After all, a video can tell a lot more about a person than a simple photo.

In addition, it is important to point out the publicity that a movement like this could entail, encouraging undecided users to move from one application to another, abandoning alternatives such as Telegram or Line to immerse themselves in WhatsApp, which has more and more functionalities. In this sense, the fact that Facebook has put a lot of pressure on the company, getting them to fulfill the wishes of the community by leaps and bounds, which we were not used to before the purchase.

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It is not something definitive

Like all things in the testing phase, from WhatsApp they have not revealed if their intention is that this functionality is here to stay, or they are simply checking the level of acceptance it reaches among users with a view to staying. Be that as it may, it seems a clear bet on their part, and everything indicates that it will be something that, at least, will enrich our user experience by giving us more possibilities without taking anything away. A point in favor of WhatsApp, which is on the right track by continuing to evolve constantly but without turning its back on the community.

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