5 good tips for your Android smartphone

android helpIt is common for people to spend a long period looking for the best terminal, worrying about these or those specifications but, once the purchase is made, do we forget a little about the necessary care so as not to have to renew the terminal in a short space of time? weather? Precisely with the idea of ​​avoiding this, we offer you 5 good tips for your Android smartphone.

Evaluate the resistance of your device

We know that not everyone is a lot about cases, bumpers, tempered glass and a long etcetera, but not all terminals have the same construction and therefore some will need additional protection to withstand the inevitable blows of everyday life. A TPU case that extends beyond the screen is hardly worth money, but it can save you a good sum in the event of an accidental drop, just as a good screen protector will prevent scratches that will affect the durability of your device. Aesthetics is important, but most terminals need an extra dose of protection, Don't play it!

Monitor battery charge cycles

It is great to go to sleep and leave the phone charging but, today, the best alternative so that your battery does not start to fall too short in a few months is keep the terminal between 20% and 80% battery. Remember that below 20% the battery suffers extraordinarily and is where it weakens the most, while letting it charge 100% and keeping it plugged in for hours also stresses that hardware of your mobile. The fast loading allows you to move between these margins with ease, and it is a great option so as not to mistreat our valuable battery.

HTC mobile in hand

Check mobile networks before buying

It is great to access the typical store with generous discounts but how disappointing is when we discover coverage problems or nefarious data traffic. To avoid disappointment, it is best that check the connectivity well and the bands that your Android device integrates, so that you can make sure that it will work optimally in your area.

Beware of storage

Many applications for daily use, such as Spotify, have a background system that stores large amounts of data in the memory of your terminal. Try to keep a check on them, deleting those residual files, garbage or that you do not use so as not to overload your mobile, so that it works faster.

Do not massively close the applications

We often fall into the temptation of try to speed up the phone by closing all active applications And yet this is the fastest way to overload the processor and drain the battery, producing the opposite effect as desired. Try to always keep the applications that you are going to use open within a reasonable period of time, closing only those that you consider that you will not need more throughout the day. In this way you will significantly reduce the pressure to which you submit your device.

We hope that these 5 tips for your Android smartphone have been helpful and, as always, make sure to comment by sharing some of your favorite tricks that may be helpful to the community.

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