BLUETTI offers for Black Friday with up to 700 euros discount

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In Europe the price of electricity has been at very high numbers per kilowatt, as the cold approaches this will increase the bill considerably. Europeans will have one of the coldest Christmases, all according to predictions of the weather, so it will be time to see how spending prices rise.

In order to better bear the winter, BLUETTI has decided to put two of its devices on the market, released the most recent and arriving this November. In addition, it offers a lot of special offers for the next Black Friday, which starts quite loaded with numerous models by this manufacturer.

Backup power with BLUETTI EP600 and AC500


BLUETS E y AC500 will go on sale on November 10 and 18 separately, being two important power stations. They are 100% modular and will be able to expand capacities: The EP600 with a B500 up to a maximum of 79 kWh, while the AC500 with a B300S up to a maximum of 18,432 kWh, enough to power different devices at the same time.

The 600W EP6.000 with two B500s will have a starting price of 8.999 euros until December 31, specifically until the end of the year. The debut price of the 500W AC5.000 will also have an affordable cost, for a single AC500 or B300S, this has a cost of 2.899 euros or 2.799 euros, for the two combined, the price is 5.699 euros, which will be higher than its retail price of 6.099 euros.

EP500 and EP500Pro, two high-quality solar generators

Known as the Home Guardian Series, BLUETTI E y EP500Pro They are all-in-one solar generators with a high power capacity of 5.100Wh. They deliver a total of 2.000 W and 3.000 W of power respectively to run fridges, freezers, televisions, ovens, microwaves and other electrical products. Its features such as UPS have been designed in order to avoid losing data and the inconveniences of life in the event of a possible power outage at home, at work and other places of work.

BLUETTI makes a discount of €400 on the BLUETTI EP500 and EP500Pro models, so you can get these at 4.599 euros or 5.299 euros. If you want to save on your electricity bill with the ability to charge the same with solar energy, see the combos below to save up to 700 euros at once and much in the future.

Combos – Original price – Final price – Savings

EP500+3/PV350 – €7.499 – €6.999 – €500
EP500Pro+3/PV200 – €7.199 – €6.499 – €700
EP500+2/PV350 – €6.799 – €6.399 – €400
EP500PRO+2/PV350 – €7.499 – €7.099 – €400.

BLUETTI EB3A, a compact and important power alternator


Weighing 4,5 kilos, BLUETTI EB3A it is compact and quite powerful to charge 9 devices simultaneously. This 600W inverter also supports BLUETTI APP connectivity available on Play Store (free tool), remote monitoring only needs just a click on the phone.

With a dual charge of 430 W AC + solar energy, the 268 Wh battery recharges in less than two hours. An extra energy for the mobile, It is perfect for emergencies and activities in the field, outdoors and can be carried in any car, van or heavy truck. There is a €100 discount on a single unit or on the PV120/PV200 combos.

AC200MAX and AC200P

BLUETS AC200P y AC200MAX they are the all-rounder of the brand with more than 2000W of output and a total of 16 outlets. These supply UPS power to the home and infinite solar power to life outside in case you want to take it from here to there. With 2.000Wh or 2.048Wh, they are enough for both short and long-distance trips, they are designed for any of them.

The AC200 series goes much further, since the capacity can be expanded with the B230 or B300 battery. The prices are quite competitive and the bestThey are used to connect devices that you need to be operational 24 hours a day, in case there is a power outage and you need an extra current while the other one returns.

Combos – Original price – Final price – Savings

AC200MAX – €2.199 – €1.999 – €200
AC200MAX+B230 – €3.699 – €3.499 – €200
AC200MAX+B300 – €4.599 – €4.399 – €200
AC200MAX+2/PV350 – €3.999 – €3.699 – €300
AC200MAX+3/PV350 – €4.899 – €4.499 – €400

Whether it is to travel more or reduce the electricity bills that come home, the AC200 series can always help either. The AC200MAX can support AC+ Solar dual charging of up to 1.400 W, while the AC200P has 1.100 W. That means that the recharging time will be reduced to approximately 3 hours.

Combos – Original price – Final price – Savings

AC200P – €1.799 – €1.699 – €100
AC200P+3/PV200 – €3.299 – €3.099 – €200
AC200P+3/PV350 – €4.399 – €4.199 – €200.

BLUETTI solar panels

BLUETTI solar panels during the Black Friday sale include models PV120, PV200, PV350. They are made of a monocrystalline cell, with 23,4% efficiency and are compatible with most BLUETTI manufacturer solar generators. It has a foldable design, making it an excellent companion for people who usually go camping and people who often climb in nature.

AC300 and B300, two high power inverters


El AC300 modular is a well-known 3.000W inverter with a total of 16 outputs. Connected to four 300 Wh B3.072 batteries, it will have a whopping 12.288 Wh capacity, enough to power multiple devices at the same time. It is a star product of the brand and its price is quite moderate.

The recharge of this power inverter in dual charge mode is 5.400 W, this will not take too long and promises to be efficient in every way. It is special if you want a backup, an energy system designed for the home or using solar power, this combo promises not to disappoint.

Combos – Original price – Final price – Savings
AC300+B300 – €3.999 – €3.599 – €400
AC300+2/B300 – €6.398 – €5.999 €399
AC300+B300+3/PV200 – €5.499 – €5.199 – €300
AC300+B300+PV350 – €4.898 – €4.499 – €399.

EB70, another compact but powerful charger

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With 12 output options, BLUETTI EB70 visa from 700 W and can power almost any medium power appliance and smartphones or tablets. It also provides pass-through charging compatibility on the DC and AC ports, being able to charge the 716 Wh battery via the solar panels while powering any essentials while you're working, traveling and on other errands. The EB70 with PV200 costs €1.099, €200 less than its original price, which is €1.299.

B230 and B300, a high-range battery

The battery B230 of 2.048 Wh and the B300 of 3.072 Wh will maintain 80% of the full capacity after 3.500 charge cycles of this device. They not only increase the capacity of BLUETTI generators, but also distribute DC power directly through three of the outlets. Now they can be combined with solar panels or the D050S charge booster to upgrade your backup power system at a lower price.

Combos – Original price – Final price – Savings

B230 – €1.499 – €1.399 – €100
B230+D050S – €1.678 – €1.578 – €100
B300 – €2.399 – €2.299 – €100
B300+D050S – €2.578 – €2.478 – €100.

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