Tricks so that the cables of your Android do not get tangled

Organizing all the wiring that we end up having at home due to the large volume of appliances we use can end up becoming a huge headache. Cables are a vital part of our devices, since storing them properly and treating them with care depends on their durability and proper functioning; That's why today we talk about ways to manage the bundled cables of your Android.

Having the connectors on hand helps a lot

Trampling on cables, tripping over them, and even violently unplugging them are day-to-day accidents that have ended the life of more than one Android device. A good way to avoid these situations is to organize our desk or space well, ensuring that when we plug in a cable it is arranged near the power source or corresponding port. By doing this, not only will we be able to opt for shorter wiring, but we will also be able to have everything much more orderly and, therefore, the problems will be reduced.

samsung wireless charging

Bet on wireless connections when you can

There is no tidier cable than the one that does not exist. If you have the opportunity to choose devices that you should not connect to any source, bet on them, as it is very worth it. A good example of this could be the phones that allow wireless charging, a much more common standard in our days and that for not too much money provides a very important degree of order. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the enormous practicality of wireless systems, which allow a greater degree of independence for all our devices.

Keep an order, or use colored cables

It is common for chargers to end up in a drawer where we have other useful cables: if the smart band, if the smart watch, if the tablet ... all scrambled, making it extremely difficult to find the right cable, even in these times when USB type C is being imposed as a connection system. A good way to have everything at hand is to use colored or labeled cables, although the most efficient format is to use a box with dividers and get used to keeping everything in its place.

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Keep essentials close at hand, save less often

It is clear that the charger of our smartphone is going to have much more use than the mini HDMI adapter of our Android tablet. In that sense, the most practical thing is to save the cables that you will not need in a long time, trying to leave those who you know will have to connect almost daily. There are also very practical cable organizers, take advantage of them!

Roll up low voltage cables

Coiling cables with low voltage is usually a good idea (i.e. all but fast charging), since they work without giving any problem and take up less space. If cables are a headache, you can bet on this alternative, which will surely it will prevent you from having more disorder without giving up comfort; many devices already come with a ribbon to keep the cables coiled, so you don't even have to go to any major hassle.

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