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As every year, in the month of December the most interesting lists of the use of our devices are created. Whether it's music, movies or, as in this case, video games. To later, at the beginning of the year, hold events where the good work of each one of them is recognized. This time we are going to create a list with what are considered the best Android games 2022.

There are many of them and some continue to be among the elite for the general public.. Others, however, of more recent creation, quickly position themselves. This is due to its game mechanics or good publicity invested. Whether it is conventional advertising in other applications such as that of a streamer testing the game and laughing for hours in their live broadcasts. Thus, we are going to leave you a list of games that we know you will have downloaded, but here you can find others that you did not know.

The best game of all: APEX Legends

best android games 2022 apex

After Fortnite's competition with PUBG, in which the former dethroned the latter with its infinity of skins and colors within a map, APEX arrived.. Apex managed to give a different touch to a Battle Royale, with a more professional look, getting fully into the professional video game leagues. This, linked to the fact that it has created an application for Android that achieves a gameplay that is very similar to the computer, makes it recognized as one of the best games for Android 2022.

Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile
Price: Free

The most voted game: Rocket League

Rocket League Android 2022

In reference to the previous one, the best value is found by Google, who determines this by the number of downloads and the number of hours invested in it, among other parameters. Nevertheless, the Android gaming community has voted Rocket League the most upvotes over any other. And it is that the already veteran console and computer game has taken a big step with this video game for Android. And it is that, as some users say, it is a perfect copy of the computer game.

Best Multiplayer Game: Dislyte

multiplayer dislyte

This RPG will allow you to create multiplayer battles with friends or with people you don't know online. A different RPG from what we are used to on the computer, since going on a raid with your friends on the computer is usually focused on games like World of Warcraft, where the world is focused on the past. Seeing stories of legendary warriors, Roman armor skins, and castles is commonplace in these games. In this case, Dislyte is a game to create these battles but in a more futuristic time.

Developer: FARLIGHT
Price: Free

The mythical Angry Birds

Angry Birds

After going through the snake game on our phones with Symbian or similar systems, Android arrived and the first thing we did was play Angry Birds. At least many of the Android users, thus finding the first step for the range of colorful and deep video games. Angry Birds has been around since the beginning of time and is still playable and not by a minority. It is on the lists. The oldest of the Android world continue to have every update that the Rovio company releases and continues to maintain its shape. It is listed as one of the best games with simple dynamics.

Dicey dungeons

Dicey Dungeons Android

This game is considered as indie game. And it is that it is a private video game designer and not a large company like the games that we have told before. This man has created several and among them is Dicey Dungeons for Android. Ranked as the best independent game (that's where indie comes from). Creator of other games like Super Hexagon, which was also quite successful. To be carried out by a single person, he has achieved several medals on the Google Play platform.

Dicey dungeons
Dicey dungeons
Developer: Terry Cavanagh
Price: €2.79

Being a video game created by a person, in this case, it costs €4,99. It is the difference with respect to a large company that can afford to let you in for free and bear the costs. Of course, the game is in its full version. Without the limit of having to pay to find all the updates.

The best story is for Genshin Impact

Genshin impact

A kind of open world with an anime image and story. Two twin boys are the protagonists and you will manage one of them. This game stands out for its incredible visuals, very similar to a video console game. It is in the top 2 with the most revenue in the Play Store in the Adventure category.

This is perhaps the best game I have ever played due to its wide map that you can explore, being able to climb, run, fly and swim wherever you want

Genshin impact
Genshin impact
Price: Free

Best game included in Play Pass: Very Little Nightmare

Very Little Android 2022

Google Play Pass, like its competitor Apple Arcade, are games developed jointly with the technology giant Google and are exclusively for Play. Through a monthly subscription, you will have access to hundreds of games with a very similar dynamic. In this year, as classified as the best game is: Very Little Nightmare.

A 3D puzzle adventure game where you will have to take the main character through different places and make her survive. If you don't want to pay a subscription, you can buy it for €7.99.

more interesting games

Among all these award-winning games, there are many left behind that you can also easily find in the store. Many other renowned ones that remain in second and third position such as Diablo Immortal. The mythical computer game now also on your mobile phone. Also simple or independent dynamic games like Phobies or HOOK 2, which is a minimalist puzzle that unhooks hooks. For more maps, you have version one of HOOK for a price of €0,49 and HOOK 2 is for a total of €1,79.

Another game that you may need on your mobile is Catalyst Black, if you prefer multiplayer battle games. Here you can choose a team and launch yourself against another in an epic battle full of spells and attacks online against players around the world or in other game modes it has. And which one do you prefer?

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